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Shoulder Pain - by Dr. Tam Bui

Have you been dealing with shoulder pain and it has not gotten better?  Maybe you have had x-rays and MRI and have been told you have tendonitis/tendonosis, bursitis, rotator cuff tears, or osteoarthritis. Maybe no clear answer of why you're having pain and it  is limiting your activity. Maybe you are now noticing pain in other areas like your upper back and neck and finding that you are having less range of motion. Are you getting frustrated by the lack of improvement despite taking medications, attending physical therapy for months and the TIME away from work and  co-pays are adding up, or even had steroid or PRP injections?

If that describes your case, it's likely because the injury is stemming from somewhere else. Common is the Dorsal Scapular Nerve which is responsible for the muscles of your shoulder blade.

Why is this important?

The 180 degrees of movement in your shoulder is a combination of your shoulder blade and 

your shoulder joint. If the shoulder blade is not working properly, the shoulder now has to compensate and can over time lead to overuse of the shoulder thus leading to shoulder pain. 

I have treated many patients with similar complaints and recently treated a baseball player  who was diagnosed with biceps tendonitis and despite aggressive therapy, dealt with constant pain that limited his career.  

The compensatory mechanics that your body will go thru can lead to pain to other areas including your neck, upper back, and elbow. 

If you are ready for your body to heal. Come visit us at our clinic.

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